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Gary Beeler

Gary Beeler

Boyd, Mt


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At 65 years old and retired, I have had a lot of fun. I have a degree in business administration and a background in real estate brokerage, oil refining, and flying, with a commercial and instructor license. Flying was the most fun but oil refining paid the best. I retired from the refinery in 2001 and went full time into photography.
Anytime I go for a walk in the Montana woods with my camera, I can come home and tell my wife how hard I have been working. What I don't tell her is what fun I have been having observing wildlife, and how one animal interacts with another. When wildlife makes itself scarce, I watch for scenic beauty to put my Nikon cameras to work. My work is marketed in Red Lodge and Billings Montana galleries, Montana Outdoor Magazine, Montana Magazine, Grit Magazine, text books, and tourist travel magazines.
I firmly believe that no picture is worth stressing a wild animal, so I only move slow and easy around them, don't get too close, and do a lot from inside a blind.
I hope you enjoy my work.

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Sage Grouse by Gary Beeler


Canada Goose by Gary Beeler


Osprey Brings Fish To Nest by Gary Beeler


Coyote On The Move by Gary Beeler


Moose Baby by Gary Beeler


Wooden Spokes by Gary Beeler


Whitetail Fawn by Gary Beeler


Sandhill Cranes Taking Flight by Gary Beeler


Mossy Moose by Gary Beeler


White-tailed Buck by Gary Beeler


Friends by Gary Beeler


Red Squirrel With Pine Cone by Gary Beeler


Bear In Yard by Gary Beeler


Big Island Sunrise by Gary Beeler


Bear In Flowers by Gary Beeler


Onomea Bay Hawaii by Gary Beeler


Black Bear by Gary Beeler


Beach on North Shore of Oahu by Gary Beeler


Umauma Falls Big Island Hawaii by Gary Beeler


Fledgling Yellow Warbler by Gary Beeler


Bison Crossing River by Gary Beeler


Close Wet Moose by Gary Beeler


Bull Moose by Gary Beeler